Tuesday, November 09, 2010

today. just because.

alarm. snooze. where am i? what is today?

monday. day 1 of the husband being out of the country for two weeks. ugh.

drink coffee. reflect on its goodness. check the news--something i only do when the husband is not here. i also watch a lot more sports, just keeping it on in the evenings; something else i would never do on my own. weird.

i hear the little girls gibbering. sigh. this time change thing has killed the extra 20 minutes i had in the morning to stumble around & gain my composure. i get their breakfast half-way ready.

upon entering their room, i see three humorous things. #1, miss poopy shorts has completely unzipped her footy pajamas, from top to bottom. #2, she has also ripped several pages out of the Eldest's favorite book & her bed & floor are littered with scraps of pictures from Richard Scarry. #3, the Eldest is laying quietly in her bed, obviously trying to find her happy place amidst the chaos.

this morning was story-time at the library, one of their most favorite activities. i tried to look half-way presentable with no shower, successfully dressed, combed, shoe'd & sock'd the girls, in the van headed east by 9:45 am. perfect.

today's subject? snakes. and that made me smile because i love the way miss poopy shorts says 'snake'. nake. and it sounds like she has a bad sinus infection. so funny. we ended up being late anyways, grabbed the first row of empty spaces only to be told by Super Grandma that 'oh, these seats are taken.' ohhhh-kay. so the 3 of us clamored over other peoples' legs, shoes, children, purses. . to find a spot. i'm tellin' ya. this story-time thing is a hit. i only wish i were holding a caramel macchiato while enjoying the show.

it was such a fantastic beautiful day that afterwards i spur-of-the-moment suggested a picnic down by the river (everything in my town is 'down by the river'). i dug around in the van for 2 bags of teddy grahams, grabbed the old quilt i always have in the back, and off we went down the hill. they were tickled pink and ran around for the next hour picking me flowers (i am pretty awesome), pretending to spot flying fish, and finally riding stick-horses. well, the Eldest's horse somehow turned into an ant-eater, and it was her BFF. i mean, she gave this stick a personality, characteristics, it had spikes (even though he is nice, and he likes his spikes according to her). . she was so in love with this little tree limb that when miss poopy shorts declared she needed to go potty & i thought that was a nice segue to leave, there was no way i was going to make the Eldest leave the ant-eater behind. so into the van the tree limb went.

and i apologize to the general library parking lot population for the nakedness that ensued as both girls went potty in our traveling potty in the back of the van. the Eldest happily watched the 'flying fish' in the river while doing her business & commenting on all the people who walked by.

back at home: more playing outside while i made a delicious hot dog/goldfish/applesauce picnic lunch on the deck. and i was secretly happy when the girls didn't finish their hotdogs. bummer. i had to finish theirs. then, while sipping hot apple juice (i'm out of the real cider thing--warmed apple juice is pretty darn good, though), i watched them climb & slide, over and over until a catastrophe occured (the Eldest attempts to go up the slide while miss poopy shorts come zooming down it--BAM) at which point i declared it bath-time and in we went.

i do so love bath-time. another relaxing venture whilst sipping hot apple juice.

next? Clifford the Big Red Dog, of course! while i picked up the house and made sure blankets and babies were in beds and books were ready for reading during naptime.

what do i do during naptime? not much. i have never been one of those moms that 'seizes the moment' and gets tons done during naptime. nah. i put my feet up. blog. read. talk to my own BFF, which i chose to do this day. i felt good about my laziness until she told me she'd stained her front porch during her kids' naptime. geez.

but i'm pretty confidant in my, um, more relaxed nature. or perhaps it has something to do with having severe sciatic nerve pain running down both of my legs. yes. that's it.

post-nap? walmart, of course! i never go at the 5:00 hour, but no husband at home in the evenings=finding any way possible to stretch out the day. and i ran into three of my previous co-workers. that was kinda fun (emphasis on kinda).

at home. more bike-riding for the girls while i unloaded the van & put groceries away until i realized it was completely dark outside and they were happily swinging in the back yard. riiight.

after dinner, we played with mama duck, baby duck, and daddy duck (random stuffed & wooden ducks). i got to be all three at one point. lucky me!! the Eldest wanted them to find worms and then go nite-nite, but i changed it up a bit. they all ran away together and joined the circus. next we reviewed the alphabet until i realized they were severely distracted and on the verge of fighting, so out came a VeggieTale DVD while i picked up the house again, took the trash out, covered the sand box, moved the van back into the carport. . all those important things.

by the way, things i didn't do today: unload dishwasher (but all new dirty dishes for the day are rinsed and piled neatly in the sink), laundry, or emptying current trash in the house. tomorrow is another day, you know.

after teeth brushing & pottying & PJ'ing & story-ing, we prayed for daddy, and they held their little hands in mine. i hear miss poopy shorts burp, and i glance at her and i see this: her eyes are squeezed tightly shut, and i hear her whisper 'cuze me'.

and with that, i have a date with Ben. and Jerry. night, ya'll.

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