Monday, November 29, 2010

we want Mo!

this Thanksgiving, i was blessed by my niece: Mo.
i knew she was growing up, but i didn't realize
she'd become so mature. my girls adore her. another good
way to describe the Eldest's adoration is worship.
wherever Mo was sitting, the Eldest was in her lap. if Mo laid
down on the couch, the Eldest squeezed in beside her.
i must've heard fifty 'i love you, mo's in the span of six hours.
but back to Mo. she took charge of my girls the moment she got
there. few are the family members that see what your children
need, or even just anticipate it, and meet that need so you
may rest, eat your meal, rock on the porch, go to the bathroom.
right, moms?
it takes a special person.
and Mo is that special one. she never complained,
even when the Eldest's affection was rather suffocating.
when her mother continued to hand out candy to them
before the meal 'behind my back',
Mo gave them a healthy yogurt snack on the porch.
when it neared their supper-time, she volunteered to warm
up leftovers and feed them herself.
she sat patiently through two viewings of VeggieTales'
'the toy that saved Christmas' with the Eldest
practically using her as a body pillow on the couch.
she wiped miss poopy short's mouth after one too many
suckers. she filled and re-filled sippy cups. i rocked on the porch
visiting with family for nearly an hour while she entertained the girls.
unheard of.

and she loves Jesus. she recently went on her first
mission trip, a day trip to Atlanta with a church group.
her heart was caught for service, for impoverished sweet
children, for committing to a single cause.

i'm so proud. and wish to goodness she didn't live 2 hours away.


Anonymous said...

You're niece sounds like a special gal! I really appreciate girls (and guys) that learn to serve and minister ON THE HOME FRONT first! Before falling in love with people from another country!

Glad you got to go potty all by yourself while she was there -- LOL! Can totally relate. I can't remember the last time I peed alone, or even got to flush it away...

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