Tuesday, December 14, 2010


change is good. potentially exciting, disrupting, and overall healthy.

okay, so i won't have a February baby most likely. probably not even a January baby. and that's great, too. how do you celebrate a December birthday for a little one? ideas needed.

are we ready? yes. physically, that is. our new walmart crib is up, after approximately 3 trips to Lowe's two weekends ago. there's a new stencil in his room, which i'll post later. new baby=new paint. that's one of my favorite parts. two friends have given me bags of their boys' clothes. drawers are full! the husband bought two boxes of diapers and 3 packages of wipes.

diapers. round 3.

the big question is how to arrange these 3 munchkins in the mini van. most likely the eldest (responsible rule-follower that she is) will claim the spot next to baby in the first row. miss poopy shorts may be booted to the back by herself. . and considering the downright horrible mood she's been in lately, that is fine by me.

so what's it like being in early labor? it changes almost hourly. today there are more contractions, but none painful enough to start counting. it usually gets painful in the evenings, but i try to eat or go to sleep and so far that helps keep it at bay. i have a doctor's appointment in two days, and am curious to see if i have progressed any further on my own.

it's all very strange to me, to be 3cm dilated (as of two days ago) and able to do normal daily things (obviously, with more care).

i'm sad the little girls are watching more TV. . i'm frustrated that it's too cold for them to go outside and run off their energies and bad moods. . i'm not sure i can handle one more argument.

i want our little routine to return--Walmart Mondays, story-time Tuesdays, YMCA Wednesdays and Fridays, Thursdays slow days. . and i know it will. i'm learning patience, i'm learning to breathe (quite literally), i'm learning to allow others to help.

you would think that would be the easy part.

before i sign off, Young Moms had their annual Christmas party last night, which i was thankful to be able to attend. i want to tell you all about it. . later.

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