Thursday, December 09, 2010

a dialogue

the eldest: "do you wanna help me go pee-pee?"
miss poopy shorts: "yeah!"
the eldest: "come on, baby boo-boo."
running feet. "no, that is enough. NOOOOO THAT IS ENOUGH TOILET PAPER!"
miss poopy shorts: "okaaay."
the eldest: "you can flush. . don't flush again! NOOO DON'T FLUSH AGAIN!"
miss poopy shorts: "i willll..."
running feet.
miss poopy shorts: "pway? pway?"
the eldest: "let's play with the Little People."
miss poopy shorts: "yayyy! side? side?"
the eldest: "no, we can't play outside."
miss poopy shorts: "why? why?"
the eldest: "it's just too cold....NO THAT'S JOSEY'S TRACTOR! NOOOOO MAMAMAMAAAAA!"
(insert yelling, screaming here. parent intervention)
miss poopy shorts: "nite-nite. nite-nite."
the eldest: "it's not time to go nite-nite."
miss poopy shorts: "why? why?"
the eldest: "because we need to sing songs on the bus."
(insert very loud singing here: "singing in the night-time, but we can trust in the Lord; and i like to behave, because that's what i doooo. and at night-time, we stop and eat at the restaurant in a single line, that we can all behave. we can do it all, when you can do it to yourself. to yourself, to yourself. tooo yourrrrselfffff.")

interpretation? i have no idea.

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