Monday, December 20, 2010

from the bed

this morning the little girls are waking up at BeBe & Pop's house. making cookies, seeing Christmas lights, and getting spoiled are definitely on the agenda.

our house is getting a new heating system, so we'll be without heat all day, night, and into tomorrow. thus, the absence of our children. no heat doesn't bother me in the least, since i have these crazy hot flashes round the clock. for the first time ever, i'm the one turning the heat down and my husband is the one wearing flannel pants and warm socks.

the rest is nice, too, which is what i'm supposed to be doing. at my
doctor appointment this past Thursday he found that i'm still 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced. . he encouraged bedrest, saying if i can get to 34 weeks (this Tuesday) and baby decides to come then they will let him. so, that's the goal.

the good thing is, contractions have settled down the past 2 days. last night i was able to enjoy the evening wrapping presents instead of on the couch, counting contractions, wondering if tonight is the night.

but as miss america stated, by the time it's your 3rd baby, your body gets ready so much earlier because it just knows what to do. i may be permanently dilated the
rest of my life, for all i know.

crap. i'm gonna have to invest in Depends.

so right now i'm in bed, drinking coffee, listening to the heating-installer-guys under the house & slamming the back door over & over. one of them has a nasty cold. hm. i might be trekking over to my local bookstore for some peace & quiet.

in other news, the eldest had her first mug of hot chocolate the other day.

it was 'dewicious!'

(here she is demonstrating the correct way to hold a mug. she even corrected me, as i was only using one hand to hold my hot chocolate. rule follower!)

and miss poopy shorts is feeling much better these days. turns out, she was really backed up.
nothing a little infant laxative couldn't cure. poor little thing. not living up to her title
these days!

peathe on earth!

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