Monday, December 27, 2010

the highlights

why was this a great Christmas?
we didn't go anywhere!
(minus a 30-minute trip on Christmas Eve for an Alabama get-together)
here are the cousins, happy to be reunited again.

the husband and i started the tradition last year of our little family
being home on Christmas Day. from here on out.

that's how i was raised. i don't know any different.

oh, minus the one Christmas my parents and i fled
to a B&B on Christmas Eve because my brother was
actually in jail and it made us all sad to be at home without him.
we had Christmas dinner at a gas station. Oh, you didn't
want to know all that? sorry.

Christmas morning brought much anticipation, as you can see
in miss poopy shorts. i wish you could see in the picture
that she was actually trembling with excitement to
see what the Eldest was opening.
and it was a white Christmas, for the first time in. .
oh, ever.
and i asked the husband what he wanted to eat on
Christmas Day about a week ago, and his response was:
'steak and sweet potatoes'

so i think this was his first time to grill in the snow.

i can still taste those steaks. man oh man.

okay, now for a baby boy highlight.

last thursday was a doctor appointment (they're
wanting to see me once a week right now), and i
was still at 3 cm, 50% effaced. i asked the doc what he
would've done if i'd been at a 4. he said put me on
hospital bed rest.

like, for Christmas.

i about punched him in the face.

i will spare you the details of things that have been happening
in my body today, but my feeling is this boy is not going to make it to 40
weeks. maybe not 36. i'll be 35 weeks tomorrow.

i'll keep ya posted.

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Becky said...

I love the idea of Christmas at home!! How exciting to have a white Christmas and that photo is gorgeous!
Fingers crossed your little man takes his time and doesn't arrive too early!