Wednesday, December 22, 2010

my top ten wish list

1. none of this
2. more of this.
3. more celebrations like this
4. a lot more of this
5. more of this on my plate
6. more of this in the mornings
7. a lot more focus on this
8. a lot less of these (#5's, that is)
9. one more little person here
10. annnd, more of this


The Jones Family said...

I love your wish list

Praying for you and baby boy! Hope he stays in for a little longer. How are you feeling?

ps: your post always make me laugh!

Trailing After God said...

Love it! Made me smile reading through and seeing your photos. What a fun way to tell a story!

I'm your newest follower from (In)Courage. My blog's a mess right now as I redo somethings and move urls, but stop by anyway! I've followed all of your media sources :)

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes! Definitely "YES" on the coffee, baby, and NO MORE #5's! My 3 year old boy is not yet potty trained, and I HATE the pooppy diapers! It's just too much poop! We're working on that one.

The snow, though, I love. I would prefer a white Christmas over a beachy Christmas any year! (And then after Christmas is over we can hit the beach!!!) This morning was perfect... snow flurries all morning as we drank coffee, ate pancakes, and opened presents. Just enough snow to make the sky and grass white!

Merry Christmas to you!