Thursday, December 30, 2010

a not-so-funny feeling

a couple days ago i took the little girls to the mall play-place for them to run off some energy, and not have to worry about lunch. . i mean, eat at chick-fil-a. going to the mall & letting them play is actually very relaxing.

i was there recently with my bff and her two kids. we remarked on how we don't understand those 'hovering' parents. . you know, the ones that follow their children around in the play area, watching their every move.

you won't find me hovering.
i'm over in the corner, feet propped up, sipping on a latte.

actually, a sweet little boy came up to me on this trip a few days ago and said
'um, the baby had a little accident.'
my response was:
'oh yeah? did she fall' (boy nods) 'it's okay. she's tough.'

i mean, the place is made of foam. she's fine.

and yes. i'm the parent who doesn't take their kids' shoes off.
at least, not at this point in my life.
that requires bending over.
(although the rule-follower-eldest was a bit upset about this)

any-hoo, we were walking back to the department store when all was said and done (i was sorta shuffling along behind two energetic preschoolers who were running ahead. times like these make me thankful our mall is really really desolate with wide open spaces where i can keep an eye on them).

suddenly, i got what seemed to be a charlie horse on my inner thigh. like, almost in the baby-coming-out place. it was incredibly painful. and i consider myself a tough cookie. i had to literally stop and stand there, trying not to double over, as i pretended to be really intrigued with the teenie-bopper clothing store window. it was very very strange.

i went to the post office today, while my mom & mo were at the house with the girls. after mailing some Christmas gifts (hey, it's still Christmas season, right??), i was on my way to the Dollar Store which was a mere 50 feet away. another out-of-the-blue intense upper leg pain hit me. there was no more walking for me at that point. i saw my van out in the parking lot and realized i had to make it back, no matter what.

suddenly, i felt like i was on one of those episodes on the Discovery Channel--I Shouldn't Be Alive. it was very dramatic (in my mind, that is).'

well, that's not exactly true.

half-way across the lot another pain hit. i was literally in the middle of the lane, with a car coming to my left. but i was immovable. i sorta stood there, tried not to grab the baby-coming-out-place, and willed myself forward the last few steps.

made it.

i mean really, what is happening??


Anonymous said...

Oh for the love of God...HAVE THE BABY ALREADY!!! Your Killing me, Skipper - Your Killing me, I say!!!

Kelly said...

Oh my gosh! You're freaking me out! Did you try to google it? Google knows everything...
I have no idea what that pain is, but you can bet I'll be nervous about it for the next two months...

Becky said...

Well, first off I don't get the hover parents either and secondly geez I am glad you weren't run over!
Maybe it's some weird labour? My mum had her labour with my brother all in her back... maybe you've just got it elsewhere? That's about as helpful as I can be!