Friday, December 10, 2010

a story of 32 weeks

it was a day like any other. it was a regular baby-doctor appointment day.

i took the little girls to miss america's house (which is pretty much like Disneyland in their eyes: toys, dog, 6 & 9-yr old siblings who they all but ADORE). and on to the appointment i go.

i knew i'd been feeling a bit more pressure of late, since baby boy dropped about 2 weeks ago. so, that was the first thing i mentioned. being the good doctor he is, he immediately suggested 'checking' me (might as well get the invasiveness out of the way, eh?).

he finished, snapping off his rubber gloves (don't you like that visual??), got real close to my face and said 'you're 3 cm dilated. you should go to the ER.'

have you ever had the color drain from your face? it hasn't happened often to me, but i felt it. . all life. . drain. . slowly. . to. . my. . feet.

so, here i go. check on little girls, can they stay for dinner perhaps? yes, all is well. call the husband and my mom on the way. my mom's reaction? 'are you DRIVING?' well, yes. i left my chauffeur at home.

at the ER, belly bulging & bumping into the desk. 'may i help you?' nurse says. i sorta glance at my stomach and say 'apparently i'm in labor...' 'any leakage' 'well, i had no idea i was dilated to a 3 already, so who knows if i've leaked anything. i do accidentally pee a lot, though. is that helpful?'

out comes the wheelchair. husband arrives. up to labor and delivery we go. there it was decided i would stay at least overnight for observation. but only after the first of two steroid shots to speed along baby boy's lung development should he come this early.

have ya'll ever had a steroid shot? the initial sting isn't bad, but when nice nurse lady pulled that needle out. . . this was my reaction 'MOTHER! OH BLESSED MARY! FOR THE LOVE!'

it wasn't comfortable. they're saving my baby & killing me, his mother. great.

to a room i was wheeled, in the fantastic open-backed-strangling night-gown..two monitors were strapped to my belly to monitor the baby & the contractions (which were sorta mild at this point, but apparently i'd gotten used to it?). in goes the IV, another nurse comes and takes blood.

my, how quickly i forget this routine.

and then we wait.

the hardest thing about that evening? i didn't have a remote to the TV. no book, no magazine. no internet on my phone. (the husband left to pick up the girls and meet his parents who came into town, bless them). well, every one of my phone contacts got new ring tones. i tried to download a game, but was blocked (the husband will be happy about that). i massaged my cuticles. i unhooked myself twice and went to the potty by myself. i watched the swelling go down in my legs & fingers as the saline pumped slowly into my blood. that was neat.

the greatest thing? the husband returned with a chick-fil-a peppermint chocolate milkshake.

this little visit was totally worth it.

no sleep that night, for some reason i was fighting the feeling to vomit & just overall super uncomfortable. but morning came, and so did breakfast in bed. ahhh.

the first things 'they' did was a sonogram. here the sonogram techie guy said it appeared that i am actually more like 37 weeks instead of 32. he is a healthy approximate 6-7 pounder already.

we were relieved. i felt so much better. this was good news.

about an hour later, the doctor came in & said because of a bed shortage (Rome, GA is a pretty fertile town ya'll), because i had not progressed passed a 3 since arriving, because i was a threat to the other patients (what??) they said we could go home. he did talk about me being possibly 37 weeks, and his professional opinion is they will continue to treat me as 32 weeks. even though he may be big now, it doesn't mean his lungs are ready. that makes sense.

so home we went. and here we are, just waiting for things to progress as normal. i'm thankful. i had moments of seeing our little 4-some family slipping away, about to become a family of 5. which is great, but at the same time i wanted a bit more mental preparation to think on adding a 3rd to the mix. (you'd think this should've been thought through before-hand, but once again folks. . this wasn't exactly planned). if baby boy can wait 2 more weeks, i think it'd be fantastic.

you may continue with your regularly scheduled programming. thanks for listening.


Emily said...

Jenny, you and your family of 5 are in my thoughts and prayers. Love.

Emily said...

This is Emily M btw...told you I was reading;)

Grace~The Mommy On the Bus said...

Whoa! That's crazy stuff! This boy is trouble already with a capital T! :)

jenny said...

i knew who you were, emily M. . you're so sneaky! and thank you.
grace--he's so grounded, you're right.

Anonymous said...

Holy moly! Let me know if I need to get in baby sitter mode! Praying....

Jen Morgan

J-Lo said...

i love reading your stories...your humor keeps the reading fun. :) of course you know that we are glad about baby boy and you doing well and are praying for continued health. BTW...I DO know how long those steroid needles are...wasn't able to control my opinion about it when I saw it!

Becky said...

Oh my! Fingers crossed bubba boy gives you at least another two weeks.
And 'a threat to the other patients'? Huh? Is that not a weird thing to tell someone...? What did you might do if you stayed? I can't even imagine!

Anonymous said...

JNJ. Let the adventures begin.
oh wait, they began years ago.


Amy at TheSceneFromMe said...

Ymmy! Can't go wrong with chocolate.

Good luck to you!