Wednesday, December 01, 2010

updates. and marshmallows.

we've hit a lull in potty-training miss poopy shorts,
but she'll get there soon.
i have also hit a lull in any kind of energy whatsoever. i'm sorta
thankful it's cold out these days so we can easily stay in
and have some down days.
baby boy's crib was delivered yesterday. hopefully
all pieces are intact.
my amazing friend from chattanooga came in with her two sweet
kids yesterday (one being my son-in-law). . and all is well
again. do you have friends like that?
after a weekend with no heat in the house, we've got to get a whole
new heating/cooling system.
happy Christmas to us.
two dear friends are getting married this winter. one being
my college roommate who i did too many crazy things with, and the other is
jacci. at 41, God has given her the love of her life. and she's
moving back to the States! wahoo!
this weekend we're doing the Christmas tree thing. . hopefully
miss poopy shorts will understand the concept
that if you pull on a tree, it could fall on top of you.
surely she is that mature.
i am still coughing & sniffing. and when i cough,
those darn sciatic nerves feel like a punch of fire going
down the backs of my legs.
annnd, we love marshmallows.

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Gotta love that pile of ketchup! It's for the carrots, right? My baby girl has to have ketchup with EVERYTHING!