Thursday, January 13, 2011

7 snow thoughts

1. snow is pretty. but green grass, shorts and t-shirts are prettier.

2. redneck snowsuits are cute. but crocs and sandals are so much easier to put on.

3. being inside all day is nice (hey, the floors finally got clean). but the tenth viewing of Veggietale's Sweetpea is. . what's the word. . . suffocating.

4. chili and chicken soups are yummy. but i miss me some potato salad & popsicles.

5. glad the showers got cleaned today. but i'm sure they stay cleaner when we're bathing in them at least once every day from getting hot, humid, and dirty.

6. i enjoy walking to the mailbox & checking out the snice (snow/ice). but not when 2 UPS trucks and 3 neighbor cars decide to pass at that moment to observe a 9-month pregnant girl slipping down the driveway.

7. snow ice cream is great. but not as great as home-made peach ice cream on July 4th.

here's to summer.

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