Thursday, January 20, 2011

best news i've heard. in a long time.

unless you count that time i was driving a van-load of youth groupers in Mexico and i got us in a wreck and the youth leader paid off the other driver so he wouldn't call the corrupt Mexican cop and i wouldn't go to jail. that was pretty good news, too.

but THIS news. . are you ready?

i saw a different doctor at this morning's appointment and he thought it would be a 'walk in the park' for me to have another successful vbac since miss poopy shorts was nearly 9 pounds.

yayyy for second opinions.

do you wanna know when i'm having baby boy? in the morning! he tried to get me in right then, as i've made it to 4cm and he went ahead and stripped my membranes (not sure what that is exactly, but. . whatever. medical mumbo-jumbo), but there was only one bed open in labor and delivery, and apparently that is always reserved for Elijah. or an emergency. either one.

so, right now i'm doing crazy amounts of laundry and packing and setting up the pack-n-play, and preparing for JuJu Chang and Dateline to come to YoungMoms meeting tonight.

what?? another story. stay tuned.

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