Thursday, January 27, 2011


it's amazing how the husband and i can carry on serious conversations in the midst of little people chaos. for example:

"have you read about the relations between the U.S. and China? I canno--don't squish him, please. yes, thank you for that heart--cannot believe the unsettling feeling that has on the rest of the economic--no, i just changed him. but thank you for smelling him for me--situation in this post-modern era. i would love to know what Reagan--no, daddy doesn't have milk to feed the baby. that's the way God made it. only mommies--would say. and did you read the latest survey on regarding the possible change in currency in Europe?--no, you can't feed a baby milk until you're a mommy--it's a little crazy, don't you think? i mean, i just got used to spending dollars, now i'm going to--well, you have to have a husband first--have to get used to the rubel. or whatever it is. yen. er, peso. anyways,--no, please don't take your pants off--speaking of pesos, did you hear the unrest on the Mexican/US border has reached peak levels--we can see his bellybutton sore in a minute. no, not right now. yes, i'm sure it's still there--since 1981. my heart just goes out to those Mexicans. all they want is--no, you're right. his bottom is not like your bottom--a chance at the great American dream. you certainly can't blame--no, you just ate dinner--them.--please don't jump off the couch. yes, you can make a slide instead--at least it's not like the civil unrest in Moscow a few years--you need to go poo poo? okay, let me know when you're done--ago. that was ridiculous. i remember--no, sister. give her some privacy. you can go poo poo when she's done--those headlines were some of the worst right-winged ones i've ever--why don't you give brother a heart?--read.--very sweet--can you change his diaper?--all done? great! go play--a glass of water & burp cloth. thanks, babe.--GET OFF YOUR SISTER!"

now that's talent!


Rachel said...

That is the funniest thing I have seen all day.

Becky said...

Lol - yes, I know this kind of conversation. I swear my neighbours think we're nuts!!