Saturday, February 19, 2011

the ambitious post.

things i'm working hard at lately:

teaching the eldest to help miss poopy shorts with potty, when she goes potty she invites her little sister to come along & helps her with her pants. then they both wash their hands together, sans mama's help. this process usually takes 20 minutes altogether.

teaching the eldest to go get her sister from her nap (which is just throwing their bedroom door open and yelling 'mamaaaaa! she's awaaaake!')

teaching both girls to find the kleenex box & blow their nose on their own (seeing as how we all have lovely colds, minus baby J who is drinking his fair share of immunity juice).

teaching both girls to clean up before teeth-brushing time at night. surprisingly, miss poopy shorts is great at it. the eldest, not so much.

teaching the eldest to rake out her plate & put her dishes in the sink.

teaching miss poopy shorts to throw wet diapers/pull-ups/underwear in the trash or dirty clothes, and retrieve dry diaper/pull-up/underwear from her dresser. also teaching her to locate her own pants & shorts, underwear & socks.

cracking down on whine-fests, disobedience, and overall sour attitudes..the husband and i are the only ones who can whine, disobey, or have sour attitudes in this house. survival is the name of the game.

teaching the eldest to comfort miss poopy shorts with any boo-boos or hurt feelings. and vice-versa.

on the agenda:
teach the eldest to bathe herself (maybe bathe miss poopy shorts too? hmmm....)
teach the eldest to make dinner (i said this was an ambitious post).

things to teach me:
how to carve out individual time with both little girls.
figuring out how to grocery shop & cook again.
doing the most important thing at that moment. which usually means finding something substantial to eat, not waiting til i'm starving and eating cardboard. or gummy worms.

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