Thursday, February 10, 2011


we knew we were blessed with our friends and family.
and maybe it's something we have easily taken for granted.

but lately, we have been reminded over and over.

since baby J's arrival, 2 1/2 weeks ago, i have yet to think about making dinner.

for several weeks now, the husband has completely taken over dish duty.

my parents took miss poopy shorts for several days immediately after baby J's arrival.
i mean, a newborn & 2-yr old temper tantrums don't really mesh.

my in-laws took both girls for several days.
what a blessing to spend 100% of my time focusing on baby J.
i forgot how quiet the house could be. . and how much i enjoyed watching shows that didn't have to do with a big red dog or a little brown bear.

friends have given enough clothes to keep him warm for months to come.

one friend cleaned my entire house. really.
my bed has not been made in weeks and weeks.
my kitchen floor squeaks.
i could eat off my bathroom sink.

my grandmother, parents, and two aunts came up with the fantastic idea to pay for the little girls to attend a mother's day out program twice a week til May. beginning tomorrow!
super blessed.

the new-ness is beginning to wear off. exhaustion is setting in.
but it's sweet. a chaotic sweetness.

example? catching my ringing phone while stepping directly out of the shower. baby J is fussing in his bouncy seat on the bathroom floor. miss poopy shorts comes to politely tell me she just peed on the couch (yes, insert potty training here). the eldest is screeching from the living room that the couch is, indeed, wet.

these days will pass, and i'm sure i'll cry when the eldest slams her bedroom door yelling something like "i never want to see you again!!".

but for now, these four, and all those surrounding us, bless me
beyond measure.

(but just to keep it real, i do cry from the chaos. and the fighting. and the tantrums. and the exhaustion. and even the snow, for pete's sake.)

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Rachel said...

Your family is beautiful. Get some rest when you can! Awesome that your family chose to help you with the program for the girls!