Thursday, February 03, 2011

the down low.

it was a dark and stormy night. well, it was actually a cold early Friday morning. but let's pretend it was dark and stormy. so the husband and i arrive at the hospital for the scheduled induction. praise the Lord no c-section was needed. we were hustled directly to a room, the wretched gown was put on, and the nurses commenced inserting IV's, baby monitor straps, contraction straps, blood pressure cuff, and drawing blood. ahhh, it was good to be back.

pitossin was started around 8am. contractions came mildly for a couple of hours. seeing as how i've been contracting consistently off and on (oxymoron?) for two months now, and was already almost 4cm dilated, i felt no actual pain. it was just another contracting day. the husband and i enjoyed catching up on uninterrupted conversation and keeping the family updated.

around 10am, the good doctor suggested i get an epidural as he was going to break my water. for half a second, i debated about the pain meds as i was only slightly uncomfortable at that point. but then i came to my senses and the anesthesiologist got to work.

and when she said 'this is going to feel like an electric shock' it really did. it made me think of folks that have chronic back problems and i really empathized for a few moments.

that done, we settled in to wait for the doc to come back and break my water. of course, nothing gets done fast in a hospital so we waited. . and waited. while we waited, i began to get really nauseous. and light-headed. so light-headed that i almost nodded off and seriously couldn't even find the energy to talk. that's when the blood pressure alarm went off, and the husband realized i was at 70/30. the nurses rushed in and immediately rolled me on my right side and pumped some meds into my IV.

it was a very strange, scary feeling. they said it was just a normal reaction to the epidural. it continued to get higher, and then lower, and finally evened out. weird!

so finally the good doctor comes in & breaks my water, which apparently by the nurses' reaction was at least a gallon of fluid. contractions started to pick up, but it wasn't unbearable. the in-laws came to visit that afternoon, and it was while listening to my mother-in-law talk that i realized this is it. contractions were coming one on top of the other, and let me tell you how thankful i was for getting the epidural. because at that point it seemed like i was going natural. oh my.

i politely said 'i think this is it', and they went to the waiting room. a nurse came in to check me and said i was ready. she asked me to push once, and she said 'there's his head!'

what followed was a flurry of activity as a whole new flock of nurses set up the room for delivery. several tables were rolled in filled with sterile tools, blankets, padding. . it was fascinating to watch. i wished they had done it to music. there must've been a dozen scissors laid out (to which the nurse corrected me: clamps, not scissors).

the funny part was the nurses were all really silly. they were cracking jokes right and left, talking about what a crazy morning it had been (earlier in the morning, a nurse rushed in my room, grabbed the last stirrup off the end of my bed, and rushed out. apparently there was a supply shortage a few doors down?). so of course, i jumped on the silly bandwagon and added my own sarcastic funny comments here & there. it was quite enjoyable!

the doctor came in then, and the nurse told him he shouldn't leave again as little Jonathan was coming out at that moment. so, the pushing began! and i gotta tell ya, there were a couple pushes in there that i thought 'i can't do this anymore'. pushing a toddler out is worse than pushing a baby out (it was also difficult to concentrate as the nurses kept referring to the doctor as a name??). but 15 minutes and 8-10 pushes later, out he came.

and just look at him. sigh.
i'll save you the after-math of clean-up woes and embarrassing bodily functions, as i'm sure you all don't want to lose your lunch. but man. i don't know how folks have babies in their own home. in their beds. i would have to request to be encased in garbage bags.

since coming home, recovery has been slow. my friend told me 'for every child you have, that's the number of weeks you should expect to lay low'. i believe it. at first, i thought something was wrong, as the cramping and pain just wasn't getting better. but i also had my 2 little girls at home with me. something had to be done. this week they are enjoying staying with their grandparents while sweet baby and i recover and. . sleep. and eat. and sleep some more.

so far so good.

thank ya'll for your kind words and encouragement. i'm learning my new normal. at this point, i don't know how i'm going to do it all, but God does. and for that i'm thankful!


Cintia Listenbee said...

sweetness. having children is such a joy. thanks for sharing your experience! {hugs}

Letters From Home said...

Your baby is beautiful! Congratulations. As a mom of a little boy I can tell you that you are in for a treat.

Janelle said...

Your baby is beautiful. His seat looks so comfy. :) I found you through Bloggy Moms and I am now following you. I hope you will follow me back.

Rachel said...

What a sweet little boy. Congratulations again!

Kaitlin said...

I enjoyed reading your story! I'm so glad it went so well. I definitely see a little of Miss Poopy Pants in his face. Can't wait to meet him!