Sunday, February 06, 2011

new mama tribute #3

so in keeping with my little tradition, a new mama will be born in a few weeks. hooray! here are a few things i've learned along the way:

1. she will be the one you remember the most. . because she is the only one! enjoy sleeping with her, watching tv with her, staring at her, and holding her.
2. breastfeeding: don't give up. get to two weeks.
3. invest in power protein snacks & carry them in your pocket. have them available in the middle of the night.
4. wake up and your shirt is soaking wet? hormones (or lots o' milk, in which case you're one of us).
5. if you hear yourself say "i didn't get anything done today", remind yourself that you took care of your baby, and that is a lot.
6. refuse the urge to duct tape the paci to her mouth.
7. if the night nurse comes in at 2am & all three of you were sleeping soundly for the first time in 24 hours and she wants to know when baby was last fed or when she peed or pooped, it's okay to say 'why, just now! it was the best feeding session & wet diaper ever!'. it's not your fault, sleep deprivation forces you to lie in the hospital.
8. i've said it before & i'll say it again: formula is not the devil's juice.
9. no matter what you think, say, or feel, you are the best mama for your baby.
10. as a wise friend told me, 'don't get out of your pj's lest you feel the need to do something productive.'

get ready for your second greatest adventure! (because marriage actually trumps babies...babies grow up & move out. your husband never will.)

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can't wait to meet you, sweet caroline!


Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenny! That is perfect. I feel like I need to print out this list and keep it close by at all times. I love it!


Michael said...

This is good stuff - thanks Jenny! And thanks to Emmett for giving me the 'new daddy' version of this a couple of weeks ago!