Wednesday, February 16, 2011

the tired post.

i have two amazing nursing tanks. i should've bought 5. i can't seem to find my other one. probly in the bottom of the laundry basket. the deep dark chasm of darkness. this tank could stand on its own considering the night sweats. good grief.

i made a pot of chili today. good thing because it was 65 degrees out.

no bouncy seat needed. baby J gets laid on the floor a lot. in the middle of the hallway while stooping to calmly yet fiercely re-direct miss poopy shorts. in the middle of a pile of miniature princesses while encouraging clean-up. on a towel on the bathroom floor while bathing the two beauties.

while crossing the busy parking lot from the Mother's Day Out building to our van, consider this scene: me lugging baby J in the carseat, which i swear is 30 pounds. carseat is loaded down with not only baby J (who as we all know is not exactly small), but the girls' Valentines' Day crafts, van keys, & Kelly doll (the eldest's show & tell item). my other arm is holding two jackets & two lunch boxes. i'm walking backwards encouraging the two little girls to 'keep walking. annnd we're walking. focus. look straight ahead' while they are devouring little packs of candy clutched in their fists, weaving, stooping, stopping to comment on this & that. . i notice a car to my left and feel they are waiting on this little parade to pass before exiting. i glance to the driver to give a 'sorry we're in the way' look, and the lady's expression is my feeling exactly: slack-jawed. wide-eyed. crazy.. sigh.

after changing baby J's diaper, i call miss poopy shorts to me after the 3rd severe tantrum of the day. blanket in hand, hair sticking to her wet eyes, she muffles a 'mama' and sorta falls into me. i kiss her and tell her she is sweet, kind, smart, and funny. . and then i realize i'd just eaten one of her boogers.

one day at a time, sweet Jesus!

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The Jones Family said...

again, you make me LAUGH!!! i love reading your blogs... i never know what to expect :)