Friday, March 04, 2011

call me crazy, but. .

i'm cutting out naps at my house.

well, except for me, the husband, & baby boy.

that's it, you say. she's completely lost it. too much sleep deprivation. not enough margaritas.

let me explain.

my new goal is to accomplish more with less energy.

here is a little picture of naptime for both girls:
they just finish watching Clifford the Big Red Dog (their cue that rest-time is coming up). turn off the tv, girls. time for rest-time! give each other hugs! girls begin wrestling on the floor. okay, time's up! whining begins. big time. the eldest even manages to squeeze out a few tears. miss poopy pants runs away. i chase after her. go get a dry pull-up. sit on the potty! no, get off the floor. be obedient. into bed. no, no more babies. you have enough in your bed. stand up. no, no jumping on the bed. see? you bumped your head. that's why there's no jumping on the bed. i know, that hurt. let me blow your nose. blow. blow your nose. there. better. okay, lay down. do not get out of bed. i repeat. do not get out of bed. i go off to find the eldest, who hasn't moved from her chair & a blank tv. i know, i know you're not tired. but we all need rest. yes, go to my bed. now. are you being disobedient? really? yes, when rest-time is over you can play outside again. because i'm telling you to. do you hear your brother crying? i need to go help him, so please obey cheerfully. okay, you can read or play quietly. please don't cry, it's not that bad. i'll be back in a bit. by this time miss poopy shorts has exited her room (they sleep in separate rooms during naptime, so they will actually sleep & not play) requesting to go potty. no, you don't need to go. get back in bed. now. that's it. night-night. i collapse for one hour. .

do you get the picture?

there have been a handful of days that miss poopy shorts has not gotten a nap, and she has been fine and very ready for bed. and obviously the eldest doesn't need one anyways. . so, i started thinking and i did an experiment.

yesterday we ran errands in the morning with a break & picnic at the park, then picked up a milkshake on the way home. neither got a nap, both were extremely happy, and played outside for 3 more hours once we were home. and they were exhausted for bed by 7:30. perfect. annnd they were really hungry at dinner and actually ate the meat sauce with their spaghetti! amazing!

and with them both up, i got to spend a good hour of quality time with them. . something i have been trying to figure out how to do these days. sad that it was just one hour (between taking care of baby J, dinner, & two loads of laundry)! i actually made miss poopy shorts laugh like her daddy can. i want more days like that!

and guess what? no whine-fests, no tears (minus a couple 2-yr old tantrums), no chasing miss poopy shorts around with a dry pull-up, no demands to stay in bed. sheesh. makes me tired just thinking of it.

it's like i've given myself two extra hours in the day! who knew?!

just say no to naps! unless you're under the age of 2 1/2.

(check back with me during illnesses, tornadoes, bad moods, and freezing cold weather)

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