Monday, March 07, 2011

rambletron. and a picture.

look at 'em. so cute. and cheeky. we have cheeky babies.

listening to: baby boy grunting in the swing.
and the dryer continually fluffing the dry clothes.
i might actually get them out today.

eating: just ate a bowl of lucky charms. well, the off-brand Marshmallow Mateys.

about to: feed the boy and pick up the little girls from Mother's Day Out.
the Eldest's favorite friend there is a little boy named Brayden. she gave him
a hug and a heart when i picked her up on Friday.

miss poopy shorts' teachers
say she is reserved and quiet in her class. really.

reading: seriously, if i read anything of any value i fall asleep.

speaking of that, i'm just going to close my eyes for a sec.

excited about: the no-nap days are going well. miss poopy shorts actually slept til 9am
yesterday. but they both tromped in the living room this morning at 7:20, bright-eyed
and bushy-tailed. ah well. at least they're cute to look at.

not excited about: the husband is dealing with sudden hearing loss. weird. we're
in the middle of figuring that out. with doctors, and a crazy mood-altering
steroid. my usually reserved, not-so-chatty-husband has become down-right
chipper, energetic, and talkative. real talkative.

i'm digging it.

the eldest turns 4 at the end of this month. it will be her first party with a few of her little friends. she's requested a mermaid cake, with a strawberry on top. maybe i'll make the mermaid's bra out of strawberries.

hmm. sorta looking forward to doing boy cakes with more subtle themes. like trucks. and dirt.

peathe out.

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Sonja said...

very adorable cheeks!