Tuesday, April 12, 2011

a few things

look at him. adorable.

this morning i'm thankful for several things:

1. the snots are leaving my house. meaning, the hacking coughs
and drippy noses have left the building.
until next time.

2. the husband took off work for my BIRTHDAY yesterday. i know.
i was running around the house getting the little girls ready for Mother's Day Out, in between nursing baby J and getting breakfast on the table and suddenly i realize he hasn't left the house for work. it was a glorious realization.

3. the little girls are leaving today for the next three days with the husband for the grandparents' house. he has business to do over there and he's taking them with him.
can i get a hallelujah.

me and baby J won't know what to do with ourselves.

actually, check that. i might actually clean the house. and eat lunch. and take walks. and watch my newly planted vegetable garden grow. oh, and watch HGTV. because that's apparently not allowed when the husband is home. poor guy doesn't understand how much i neeeeed to watch young married couples fret over finding their first million dollar home.

and miss poopy shorts just woke up and walked in the living room with her tutu on. adorable.


Kara said...

Hey! I just found your blog link from MckMama's Community Forum, and I really like it! Hope you don't mind my sticking around for a while.

I see you liked the book "Cry the Beloved Country..." oh my gosh. That's my FAV! Can a book begin any better than that?

jenny said...

yay! a new bloggy friend! YES! totally agree! i could read that book over and over and glean something new from it every time. i'm your new follower!