Thursday, April 21, 2011

great things about today.

we trekked to chattanooga today to visit my touchstone friend and her two kids (one of which is my son-in-law). . i don't deserve such a friend as she. i hope she's sleeping well right now because she never stopped serving me and my 3 little ones today. and hers.

we arrived and she kindly placed baby J in her little girl's room to finish up his nap. she settled my little girls into playtime downstairs. she served me coffee and we sat in the sunshine and watched the kids play. she whipped up a delicious hot dog lunch and served all 4 big kids in her living room on the floor while they watched a favorite movie. she made cookies for everyone and the kids decorated their own (& made the usual frosting & sprinkle kitchen table mess). she rocked my baby while i sat there, un-bothered and un-touched for a precious few moments. she shooed the kids back outside (putting shoes back on my girls' little feet), served me another cup of coffee, and more adult conversation. she helped doctor miss poopy shorts' boo-boo. she wiped miss poopy shorts' snotty face several times. she never stopped giving me cookies.

i would seriously pay rent if she'd let me move me & my little family in. surely that wouldn't be a problem.

God blessed me the day we met 17 years ago. my touchstone friend, thank you for loving me and mine so.

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Erica said...

Well, see, I do read your blog. What a sweet note and so undeserving. You are my breath of fresh air, always so honest and unassuming. "If I had a day, I could give to you. I'd give to you, a day just like today..." (well, minus the melt-downs and scraped legs!) I miss you already.