Wednesday, April 06, 2011

a hawaiian tribute

aloha. i've watched this gal grow up in a lot of ways in the past 8 years. tomorrow she is embarking on the first biggest adventure of her life. one she will always refer to in conversations. memories she will filter through to find that one life lesson that may help her in so many other future life lessons and choices. . yes, it's an incredible opportunity to learn new photography skills and communicate some harsh realities to the world in a creative manner. but first, it is a chance for discipleship. it is a chance to learn more about Jesus. it is a chance to make life-long friendships and offer accountability to others.

i couldn't make it to her good-bye bash last night due to sick kids and a tired husband. but here is what i woulda told her:

1. embrace your team. even the not-so-cool ones.
2. look for someone to disciple you, and ask them if they would. for life.
3. you will never get huge bunches of quiet time to spend with the Lord again. i promise!
4. journal journal journal, like with pen and paper.
5. do crazy things. like swim in the ocean with your team fully-clothed in the moonlight. except, watch out for sharks.
6. when faced with a decision to stay back at base-camp for the day & rest or go out with friends on a new adventure, choose new adventure. every time.
7. call your mom & dad.
8. if you see a better way to do something, suggest it. and then do what your authority wants you to do.
9. delve into other peoples' hearts. find out what makes them tick.
10. see people as Jesus sees them.

you are loved, Grace! i'm so excited for the adventures ahead!

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