Thursday, May 19, 2011


we've had a few breakthroughs around here, guys. i'd love to share:

the eldest: my dependent, sensitive, smart 4-yr old has learned to put on her underwear, pants, socks, and shoes all by herself. and man, what a huge help this has been. i'm betting it's shaved off two minutes of getting-ready time in the mornings.

miss poopy shorts: i might need to find a new nickname for this little gal, as she is soooo close to being completely potty trained! iiiii knowwwww! i never thought this day would come. i had visions of her being laughed at in the girls' locker room because she'd be changing her wet princess pull-up. the other morning, the little girls were at the kitchen table eating breakfast (i say this very very lightly), and i was changing baby J's diaper in his room. i hear miss poopy shorts get down out of her seat, and then i hear a noise i knew that was familiar, but i couldn't place. you know how you can recognize every sound in your house and know exactly what your kids are getting into? well, i quickly stuck my head into the hallway to peek into the kitchen. sure enough, miss poopy shorts was missing. i started to yell, i mean. . admonish. . her to get back in her seat & eat, when i realized what that strange noise had been.

it. was. the. toilet. lid. closing.

my precious little 2-yr old got down from the kitchen table because she needed to go potty. and to the potty she went. all by her little grown-up self.

there is a God, and He loves me.

me: well, i just wrote a paragraph of my own personal breakthroughs and then realized what a bore it was. so i'll stick to something more interesting. i'm training for the Peachtree Race (10K) and i ran 3 miles yesterday. i'm practically a professional now, really. i should buy my own jersey with tight spandex shorts and cool running sunglasses.

how in the world do i have time to do this? Y-M-C-A playplace, baby. i've been taking the kids there since the eldest was in diapers and i know all the workers and they know me. and i'm pretty sure we like each other. i bake them cinnamon bread for Christmas.

i'm hoping baked goods keeps them friendly to my kids. i'd be friendly to anyone who brought me baked goods, i don't care who you are.

peathe out.

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