Saturday, May 07, 2011

potty adventures #384

since this is a space where i write about my exciting mom adventures and you guys actually read it, you get to hear about my new potty training ventures. get excited.

i think i've been potty training for 4 years straight now. the Eldest caught on early and was completely trained at 2 1/2 years old. which, actually isn't parallel with her dependent personality. miss poopy shorts has been training for a year now, and is finally catching on. but only because of threats, massive amounts of jelly beans, and mandatory trips to the potty every 30 minutes. i thought she would've trained earlier, watching her big sister, and because she is so incredibly independent.

i forgot about the stubborn-ness part.

at first i kept the little portable potty in the bathroom next to the real potty, mainly because during those last few weeks of pregnancy and then recovery i couldn't lift her 39-lb self. . and she enjoyed running in there by herself and going. but the other day, when she wet the carpet for the 4th time in one morning and she ran to go finish on the little potty, she decided to see what would happen if she finished her business on the bathroom floor. i went in to check on her, after several minutes of silence. my bare feet instantly stepped in wetness. her freshly-put-on-socks were soaked (& we all know how difficult it is to put socks on a stubborn 2-year old). her whole self was soaked. and the wall. and the tub. and my nice clean white towels i keep in a nice white tub under the sink.

at that moment, i was done with half-heartedly attempting to potty train her, hoping one day she would be 'ready' and suddenly declare she needed to go potty and run to the bathroom without threats and tears.

so, the potty seat went away. pull-ups disappeared. we're going cold turkey and i am for real this time. for real. every 30 minutes i take her to the potty. if she resists, there is a consequence and it's usually painful. sorry, folks. like you, i used to also believe if you pushed the whole potty training thing, it would backfire. well, not anymore. i'm done potty training and i'm dragging miss poopy shorts right along with me.

and you know what? it's working. she rarely resists anymore, compliantly marching to the potty every half hour. are there jelly beans? yep. you bet. whatever it takes. do i take her in public without a pull-up on? yep. the first time i did i was terrified. but she made it, and so did i.

i've taught her to yell at the top of her lungs 'MAMA! POTTYYYYYY!' because let's face it. she loves to yell and scream for fun, why not allow her to use this talent of hers for good? i heard her yelling this from the back yard today. i ran outside and hustled her to the bathroom. she was wet, but she let me know. and that, friends, is what i call progress.

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Ashlee said...

sounds like progress to me! we skipped pullups, and it was the best thing i ever did. i'm glad your new method is working. (i stopped by through blogher -- we're in the same group!)