Tuesday, May 31, 2011

a summer outing.

this was the Eldest and the Husband exactly 4 years ago
at our favorite gem of a spot near here.
this is baby J experiencing it for the first time, too.
we don't have baby pics of miss poopy shorts because at 4 months old
it was January for her. not good wading weather.
oh here she is.
boy, you can really tell we have a better camera now.
on this trip the girls went hunting for crawdads.
score! look at 'em!
and look who was hunting for us.
the Eldest spotted him first: 'oh look! a snake!'
oh look. a deadly water moccasin.
we relocated our craw-dad-hunting-efforts.
here's the Husband teaching his son the art of crawdad fishing.
he slept through the whole thing, so i took notes for him.
miss poopy shorts was interested for a while, then
decided to baptize her baby.
it was super ceremonial.
and look! i got in one of the pictures!
these little kids really do have a mama!
miss poopy shorts abandoned her poor baby (yet again)
and joined the big boys on their own hunting
she was the stuff.
while the little guys were running around trying to find frogs,
fish, crawdads and the like, miss poopy shorts tried
desperately to fit in by saying 'look, guys! a bug! a bug!'
and here we are.
feelin a bit cheeky.

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Cathy said...

Oh, look at those sweet cheeks! Adorable!