Tuesday, June 07, 2011

all tripped up

are anyone else's kids super clumsy?

this was us going to baby J's 4-month check-up this morning. the Eldest was wearing her favorite sparkly shoes, miss poopy shorts was in her faithful tennis shoes (just passed down from her sister, as they are now in the same shoe size).

after getting us out of the van and crossing the parking lot to the doctor's office, the Eldest trips a bit and her shoe comes off. thankfully we weren't in the middle of the busy street, so i was able to stop and put it back on (she can put her shoes on, but it usually takes a good 2 minutes. i sure didn't want to stand in the middle of the parking lot for two minutes. that would mean certain death for miss poopy shorts).

we approach the front door, and as our pediatrician's office is attached to the main hospital in town, a crowd of folks were exiting at the same time. instead of me stopping to encourage the two lagging girls to please get in the building and creating a much larger traffic jam, i entered myself, knowing they were only several steps behind me.

once inside, i turn around and just at that moment the Eldest trips and her shoe pops off a second time. her falling to the ground almost tripped two elderly women leaving the building, so i waited for them to step around her sprawled, dramatic body before i helped her.

thankfully we made it without any further trippings to the pediatrician's office. sigh of relief.

after the appointment, while walking back to the front door down a long carpeted hallway, she tripped again. this time, she face-planted and bit her upper lip in the process. blood. tears. lost shoe.

thankfully, she fell right in front of a Subway. so, in we go to purchase 3 chocolate chip cookies to lift everyone's spirits. and, i felt bad that they have to tag along to these doctor appointments and wanted them to get something special out of it. so it worked out great, busted lip and all.

after devouring our cookies on an outside patio in the sun, we once again attempted to leave the building and walk to the van. well. . . just as we rounded the corner and spotted it, miss poopy shorts trips and falls and opens an old wound on an already-scabbed knee. my word.

is it just their age? should i purchase moon boots? should they become jungle children, walking in their bare feet everywhere? help!


Jessa Dobbs said...

Sometimes I swear my daughter could trip over a grain of sand; She's about the clumsiest thing out there; bruises up and down her legs, skinned knees, and even a chipped tooth!

She is always barefoot and is much less clumsy.... if she didn't have meat feet and blow through shoes at a crazy rate, I'd for sure be splurging on some of those nifty fivefinger barefoot shoes!


Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Yes, my Dear Jenny, it's the age! Poor thing, with all this growing and learning about our body going on, of course there are going to be falls, running into something, knocking something over... maybe put some football pads on her for now! Cups Up! xoxo P.S. New follower from BF.