Friday, June 24, 2011

a normal moment.

picture this: the little girls are covered in wet mud and bits of leaves and sticks, thanks to some backyard fun involving the water hose, the kiddie pool, and the slide. i'm standing at the back door, holding a tired-hungry Blue-Eyed Bandit, when i watch miss poopy shorts fall from the monkey bar and bonk her head. crying ensues, and they both slowly make their way to the back door to tell me all about it.

do i convince them to stay outside a bit longer so i can feed the baby boy, or bring them inside now? but they're filthy. i don't have time to give them a full bath, so i opt for a quick shower instead. i tell them to take off their shoes & socks and come inside. miss poopy shorts, still whining from her fall, sniffles and pouts her way through the shoe-pulling-off process. as they manage to take their shoes off, they fling them across the deck for me to pick up later. sigh. i don't demand that they go and retrieve their shoes, as this little boy is squirming so much in my arms and he's about to go nuts with hunger. i just need to get them inside and to the bathroom as fast as possible, before the mud and leaves and sticks make trails all throughout the house.

i point them in the direction of the bathroom, as they tend to be instantly distracted by anything and everything. i repeat 'bathroom, bathroom, bathroom, bathroom' so they don't forget what's happening. once there, i plop baby J in his bumbo seat and focus completely on stripping the girls down in the tub. they are completely confused as to why i'm taking their clothes off after they get in the bath-tub. because you are that dirty, i say.

all the while i'm mindful of J crying. but thankfully, he's quietly waiting for me to take care of his sisters before he gets his afternoon snack. he's patient like that.

clothes off and successfully wrapped up in a towel, not strewn across the floor, i start the shower. with one hand i turn each one around and around, with the other hand i'm swiping the dirt and leaves off their legs, arms, face, bellies. i'm getting soaked in the process, but it's actually refreshing.

about 1 1/2 minutes later, we're done. i turn the water off and the girls are standing in ankle-deep water since our drain is so backed up with leaves and sand that it stopped draining properly weeks ago.

'mamaaaa! look at baby J!!!'

and this is why he'd gotten so quiet. from his bumbo seat, he'd grabbed the trash can sitting near him on the floor. he'd managed to take the trash bag out of the can and was happily biting and chewing it, as we all know how babies love plastic bags. goooood griieeefffff. thankfully i'd just emptied the trash the day before, so the only incriminating thing in there was a toilet paper roll.

one girl out, wrapped in a towel, pointed in the direction of the living room. go. second girl out, wrapped in a towel, pointed in the direction of the living room. go.

of course, neither of them went to the living room, instead they wandered aimlessly, clothes-less, dripping wet, back to their room or to the kitchen to look for a sippy cup. oh well. they'll dry eventually.

i scooped up the Blue Eyed Bandit, prying the trash bag from his chubby fingers and kissing him all over. silly baby boy.

i grabbed two pairs of Dora underwear, rounded up the little girls, wriggling and somewhat clean. they were so excited as i'd promised they could watch their new favorite movie--Thumbelina. underwear on, in their favorite comfy chairs, it begins. their hair is wet and stringy, clinging to the sides of their face. that will have to wait. for now, baby J finally gets my attention.

i sit down to feed him in his room, and it begins to rain hard outside. perfect. i am full of thankfulness this afternoon.

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