Thursday, June 30, 2011

our simple vacation.

this year we kept it simple for a family vacation.
we found the perfect rustic cabin just an hour's drive from home.
on 32 acres, in the middle of Nowhere, GA.
we packed all our meals, with no plans to leave once we got there.
no nice clothes for us. play clothes did just fine (that is, if we were wearing clothes at all.)
the cabin sat right beside a perfectly clear creek, great for wading and fishing.
even though it was physically hard work, balancing a baby and two preschoolers,
we made precious memories.
here are a few shots:
waiting for hotdogs, down by the creek.
best friends.
i love her more and more every day.
we did a lot of this.
our cabin was at the end of this.
i love stacked rock.
and sides of barns. i'm going to try to make this the background for this here
blog. wish me luck.
getting to know daddy's fish.
peering through an old dam. this was on a lonnnng hike to a swimming
hole. well, in adult terms, it was a ten-minute walk. but seeing as how we had to
hike through thick brush, cross two rapids, and get turned around once, it was a
lonnng hike with all of us.
old tractor and blacksmith shop on the property.
on this blog, i think all the pictures of my husband show him with a fishing
pole in his hand.
very typical.
and guess what else we saw. . iiii knowww.

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