Wednesday, June 22, 2011

pipe dreams.

while thinking about the future, we are in the very beginning stages of only talking about even the small possibility that we just might eventually one day maybe buy a bigger home.

and we want to get out of this here crappy school zone before the kiddos reach middle school.

so we're tossing around a few of our 'must haves'. because we're American that way.


#1. screened in back porch. must have.

#2. a front porch. not a front stoop. like, enough room for a chair. or two.

#3. a laundry room. not a laundry closet. although, in this stage in my life, having the washer and dryer two steps from my stove is awfully convenient. while waiting for water to boil, i throw another load in the dryer. while supervising the girls' lunch, i fold. while they do 'artwork' at their little table, i start another load.

#4. a mudroom. when my parents sold the little white house i lived in til i was the ripe age of 7 and built their dream home practically in its back yard where we lived for the next 11 years until they sold it while i was in Mexico and i didn't even get to say goodbye but i'm not bitter by any means, my mom's main request was that it have a mudroom. and boy, i can relate. i keep a dustbuster vacuum thing plugged in right by the back door (and right next to the microwave) to suck up all the itty bitty bits of leaves, chunks of dirt, and piles of sand that make it into my house daily. i would love love to have a room, or an area, to wipe feet, place dirty shoes, hang jackets. . ooh, and while i'm dreaming. . add a big washer sink. you know, one of those deep ones that you can throw the dirtiest of clothes into and just let them soak. or washing out poopy underwear. not that i have any of that around here.

#5. an office for the husband. he desperately needs it. poor guy. i think him having no space to think manly thoughts has shaved years off his life.

#6. the same sized yard we have, or bigger. that'll be hard to find.

surely this isn't too much to ask!?

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Kelly said...

I like your must-haves! We've been talking about this too and I'm gonna need a pantry and a garage. If only...