Friday, June 17, 2011

this is the life now.

i've been making myself think about the future. . i know, i know, we're not supposed to worry about the future. i'm not worried, just thinking about it.

the husband and i are beginning to talk about kindergarten. like, school. the Eldest has one more year of freedom.

and i do too.

i've come to the conclusion that these days. . these young days where we're swimming in diapers, sticky hands, temper tantrums, long afternoons. . this is the easy part.

there will come a day when i will long for this time again. yes, there are moments of insanity. moments that i have to apologize for my behavior as a mama. moments that i wonder how much longer i am going to let miss poopy shorts live. moments of physical exhaustion as i rarely get to sit and eat during the day and yet i'm still breastfeeding, which means most of the time i'm starvingandlightheadedandirritatedandneedanap.


character-shaping has only just begun. one day the Eldest will tell her first lie. one night i won't sleep at all until miss poopy shorts is home from her first prom. one day i'll be washing baby J's mouth out with soap and wondering where he heard such a word.

yes. this is the life right now.

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