Monday, July 25, 2011

just the simple things.

Saturday was a full day, beginning right after breakfast. first was the Farmer's Market complete with face painting, jumping in bouncy things, eating peaches til bellies got full, getting up close and personal with big cows. . then on to a family birthday celebration at the Olive Garden and an afternoon of playing and eating cake. . then on to dinner at a friends' house who had a basement full of toys, much like a child's Disneyland. .

after the sun had long ago set, the husband and i gathered up our small kids and headed to the van in our friends' driveway. while tromping through their grass, the Eldest suddenly sees fireflies blinking and twinkling among the bushes.

on the drive home, i asked her what was her favorite part of the day.

was it the cow, and its really long tongue? no.

was it the basement full of toys? no.

was it the new Veggie Tales movie you got to watch with your friends? no.

was it getting your face painted? no.

was it getting to see Bebe and Pop and eating strawberry cake, your favorite? no.

well, sister, what was your favorite part?

seeing the fireflies.

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