Friday, July 08, 2011

why i love summer. and something funny.

first day of ymca camp. she only lasted three days. she didn't hate it, i think she had a good time. i just think she enjoyed being with her sister even more (who was too little to go).
baseball uniforms. small ones.
homemade water slides.
bacon tomato sandwiches from the garden patch. but i don't have any bacon plants. now that would be so so awesome. bacon plants.
make-your-own-ice-cream-sundae. hmmm.
and this is something funny. or disturbing. often, if i hear baby J waking from a nap and i'm in the middle of something (like watching Days of Our Lives, or on the final chapter of my romance novel), i'll yell (i mean, kindly ask) for one of the girls to go talk to him for a few minutes before i can get him. after a bit, i made it to his room and this is what i found.

i know. ew.

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