Thursday, August 11, 2011

lately. . .

miss poopy shorts goes to the potty. . when she needs to. mostly. if she's not too busy. or if she's not outside.

the eldest has recruited miss poopy shorts to unroll toilet paper for her when she goes to the potty. i walked in on this happening today. they truly do everything together.

church is incredibly full. . and fun. and trying.

i hosted a play-date at my home today (my first. i know.). there were my three kids, another 4-yr old, and three 1-yr olds. it was great fun. i'm exhausted. and we're having folks over for dinner. but thankfully, dinner is in the fridge, waiting to be popped in the oven.

the little girls are watching Tarzan. because, you know, miss poopy shorts doesn't nap well anymore, and making them be quiet and stay in their room for an hour is way too much work. so they're resting now. and learning about Phil Collins music. and my feet are up.

my 6-month blue-eyed bandit is in the bad habit of cat-napping three times a day. like, not napping more than 30 minutes at a time. but, he sleeps 11 hours straight at night. . i'll take that any day over one good solid nap. and lately, i don't even give him a chance to get a good nap. it cramps my busy lifestyle (said with much sarcasm).

although, he's going on 1 hr nap right now. glory.

i found this amazing adult 'baby' pool on clearance for $10. it is awesome. the girls can actually float and practice kicking and such. . shoot, i might sneak in there myself under the moon light. (did i say that out loud??) but man. i almost hyperventilated blowing that sucker up.

the eldest has moved up to the 4-5 yr old Mother's Day Out class. i saw on the bulletin board that her teachers for the year are 'bert and pam'. i said 'oh look! you'll be in Mr. Bert and Ms. Pam's class!' . . come to find out, Mr. Bert is a Ms. Bert. so i realized this when i saw her, and as my dear daughter saw her, too. i bent down real close to her and said 'look! it's MS. BERT. MS. BERT. YOUR TEACHER. MS. BERT.'

Young Moms is starting up soon. excited!

the Eldest is beginning to play better with boys her age. she LOVES their energy and imaginations, i think. i dig it, too. less drama.

i'm going to paint my kitchen grey. i said 'i' because the husband won't have any part in it. hmm. . he goes on a business trip next month. . just might do it then. sneeeakkkyyyy.

and now, for my warmed-up leftover cup of breakfast coffee. #bestpartoftheday.

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