Tuesday, August 02, 2011

rambletron #55.

it's that time again.

bebe & pop have the little girls for the rest of the week. thus, a blog where i'm actually typing sentences and..thoughts.

here i am, drinking my late-afternoon cup of warmed-up-breakfast-coffee, watching HGTV, listening for baby J napping. i have a million things i want to get done. . actually put away the laundry. . clean the girls' room, change their sheets (well, honestly, just put sheets on miss poopy shorts' bed would be a start. poor thing peed on it and i haven't gotten around to putting sheets back on). . . vacuum. . . dishes. . . paint the kitchen.

eh? paint the kitchen? well, it probably won't happen this time around, but before the year is out, yes. i want to paint my kitchen.

these past two weeks the girls had swim lessons at our local YMCA. fun stuff. really really cute. in fact, the swim coaches unofficially gave miss poopy shorts the most improved award. so proud. as great as it was for them, i'm glad the lessons are over. working around swim lessons from 2:30-3:15 every day for two weeks is a stretch. but thankfully there was another sweet sweet mom who was also juggling a 5-month old (which, oddly enough, looked very much like my own baby J. weird). i watched her stuff when she scooted out to nurse. . we both rolled our eyes when the day camp kids would come racing through the waiting area while we were trying to get our babies to sleep. . our babies spit at each other. . it made things so much easier and enjoyable.

annnnd. . update. no wait, i'll save this little bit of info for a completely separate blog. very exciting.

so what's our blue-eyed bandit up to these days? scooting. almost crawling. two teeth, still teething. he spends most of his time exploring the living room floor. i'll place him at one end and about 20 minutes later, he's at the other end. he is the happiest, most laid-back little fellow. it's funny to remember the Eldest and miss poopy shorts at this age. they're each so very very different already. he found his voice and enjoys screaming for fun. he's eating all the baby foods, biter biscuits, and even figuring out the ol' sippy cup.

okay, so several hours have passed between my last thought and now. the haphazard piles of clothes on my bed has been put away (but not the neatly piled clothes on the couch). the girls' beds have been stripped and sheets are piled next to the washer (that's a huge start). dirty dishes have been placed neatly in the sink (last on my list). a new pile of baby items have been stacked by the back door to eventually make its way to the van and to the consignment shop. . new pictures have been hung. . new pillows in their pillowcases. . success.

i've entered the world of Play Dates. i know. . sigh. i used to be so much cooler. don't get me wrong, it's a good thing. the girls play with new friends, the moms talk shop. somebody provides lunch. it's a win-win situation. but sometimes. . i'd rather do laundry in my underwear.

and now i have the cutest baby in the world to play with.

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