Friday, August 19, 2011


. . goes on family walks wearing her tutu & sunglasses, and complains about the heat.

. . could swing forever, now that she has learned to do it on her own.

. . sings her brother to sleep while traveling in the van.

. . really likes sounding out letters to make words.

. . canNOT write the letter 'C' to save her life. or mine. but she can write her own name and most every other letter of the alphabet.

. . loves hot chocolate and likes to drink it to 'cool down' from getting sweaty outside.

. . really likes boys. in an honest, little girl way. they are great fun.

. . likes playing with her 'cas-trater' (cash register).

. . spends most of her time making up dramatic stories with her princesses, random stuffed animals, and of course, miss poopy shorts.

. . would swim all day long if i let her.

. . constantly corrects me, especially if i say the words 'hate' or 'oh my gosh'.

. . is very manipulative with her words.

. . is learning to be a leader instead of a follower.

. . still really loves Dora and Boots.

. . says she wants to help me around the house, but when i give her a job, she quickly loses steam.

. . makes her little brother laugh just by looking at him.

. . recently switched seats in the van with miss poopy shorts.

. . adores being held, kissed, and cuddled on.

. . has the cutest little smile that neither baby J nor miss poopy shorts share.

. . is trying really hard not to sleep with her special blanket at night (with no prompting by me).

. . accepts the consequences given her for bad behavior and doesn't look back.

. . has just learned to completely dress and undress herself. (except for these darn tie-shoes)

. . enjoys teaching her sister things she's learned (she's currently helping miss poopy shorts use the pedals on her bike).

. . needs tons and tons of verbal praise, touch, and affirmation to keep going.

. . still proclaims loudly when she is going to use the restroom.

. . has recruited miss poopy shorts to unroll her toilet paper when she is done going potty.

. . knows Saturday mornings are for cinnamon rolls and Daddy being home.

. . prays for two special kids who used to be in one special country with their parents, serving the Lord.

. . i'll stop here, lest i lose anyone to complete boredom. but just know that i could go on. and on about my dear daughter.

carry on.

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