Monday, August 29, 2011

sick week.

last week was sick week.
we have those occasionally, you know.

it's a perk of motherhood.

you should be jealous.

miss poopy shorts reclaimed her name with gusto.

it was the first time i got 'the call' from Mother's Day Out.
um, your kid just threw up on the playground.

she threw up on the ride home, too. her response?
mom. i need a new shirt.

bless her.

there were also random fevers and plenty of snotty noses.

all in all, a gross week.

here are the highlights:

a venture into the backyard.
the Eldest wrote the letter C all by herself. finally.
she had something against that letter.
watching me water the flowers.
you know, since it's 100 degrees every day and all.

but, at the end, was a reward.
see this spot? see the husband fishing? can you see him?

it's my favorite spot in the entire universe (next to Seagrove Beach, FL and Chelsea, AL).

my parents took all 3 ninos for the entire day and let me & the husband
go to Little River Canyon.

he fished.
i watched.

it was very quiet and still.


this week we resume all regularly scheduled activities.

begone, ye demons of last week. begone.

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