Friday, September 09, 2011

a few weeks later. .

did i say sick week?

make that sick weeks.

after all the little people got well and happy again, i got very un-well and un-happy. and i'm still not out of the woods, by any stretch of the imagination.

i don't know why trials come all at once and for so long, but it has certainly made me thankful for health and medicine. and my parents, who came and did 8 hours of laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, and childcare yesterday while i sipped chicken noodle soup broth and Gatorade and tried to really rest.

i caught a virus to end all other viruses. yay, me. way to go, Jenny. way to reach for the stars. the husband took me to the doctor on day 4 where i was told that this lovely virus is going around and takes forever to get better, is horrible, puts you in the hospital...nice. thankfully, the medicine he gave me has helped 100% and there's been no need for IV's or blood work, which is where he said i was headed in 24 hours if i didn't get any better.

and i am better. i'm blogging, can't you see. i ate a whopping diet of one bowl of cheerios, a handful of pretzals, and about 1/4 cup of potato soup today. things are lookin' up!

(i won't tell you the embarrassing thing that happened on the way to taking the little girls to their first soccer practice and how i didn't have an extra feminine product with me so i manufactured one from a diaper. now that was a first.)

annnnnyhoo, just keepin it real. it's why you read here. and it's why i like you.

now if you'll excuse me, it's time for my anti-nausea meds.

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