Wednesday, September 28, 2011

that's life!

boy, has it been catch-up around here. being so sick for two weeks and then
deciding to paint the kitchen & throwing a family birthday party for miss poopy shorts means a whole lot of things need attention. . side note:
i ended up having some sort of bacterial infection, which isn't completely out of
my system, but is much much better.

it's rare that us mamas get sick, isn't it?

so, check this out:
yep, we've expanded our little garden patch for a big fall garden.
this past Sunday i planted the entire thing. . rows and rows of brocolli, peas, spinach,
and sunflowers. i hope those sunflowers make it.

the girls enjoyed digging little beds with their fingers, then covering the seeds up
with a 'dirt blanket', and then pat-pat-patting them to sleep.

the Eldest said she wanted me to put her to bed that night like that.

the blue-eyed-bandit is really getting around. i think he'll be walking
within the next couple months. this picture cracks me up, only because two years ago,
if miss poopy shorts got this close to the Eldest's dollhouse she would flip out.

little brothers must be different.
yes, there are 2 dollhouses in their room. both made by my dad. this big one was sitting out
on Christmas Day when i was 12 years old. the smaller one he made for my
niece about 6 years ago. neat.

laundry. oh. my. word.
yesterday i did many loads (lost count) and surprisingly put all the clothes
away. it was such a satisfactory feeling. i tried not to think about doing it all over
again in a few days. then i went through all the little people's clothes
to see what's needed for the fall.

we all went to a consignment store downtown yesterday morning,
but had to drop everything and leave as miss poopy shorts
was in fine form, and i didn't want to make a scene beating her.

as a friend told me the other day, 'having one of her is like having four!'


but her heart and precious-ness keeps growing. she's started singing songs
as the last thing before she falls asleep at night. she has a Bible-story book
which has become her Baptist hymnal of sorts. she picks out a 'song' (story)
and sings about what she sees. it's hilarious.

this morning we're taking a break from chores and heading to the library.
the Eldest is just beginning to read, and i'm jumping on this bandwagon.

aren't you glad you read here?? so exciting!!

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