Thursday, September 15, 2011

updates updates!

seeing as how this is the first day of no nausea in 12 days,
we have some catching up to do!

first, guess who learned to pump her legs on the swings?
yay for not running behind 3 kids, trying to keep all of them at a reasonable speed!!
obviously miss poopy shorts still needs some. . direction.

annnd the Blue-Eyed Bandit is eating more human food.

because until now he's eaten stuff only relevant to aliens.

and, the little girls started their soccer season (check that. 1 month of Friday evenings).
thankfully, as you can see, their super-cool uniforms and cleats and goalie gloves were on sale.
this was miss poopy shorts' first time on a team, of sorts.
she really digs having a Real Coach.
she followed directions well.
she was the cutest player on the field by far.
here is their #1 fan: Mr. Fuzzy Hair.
he was kinda creepy, the way he was drooling over all those cute little kids.

and here is his 6-month photo. . one month late.
this little guy has recently started pulling off some 2-hour afternoon naps.

in other preschool news..yes, the Eldest could technically be going somewhere to learn her letters, numbers, shapes, glue-ing, scissor-ing, and days of the week. but i learned those things pret-ty well (pause for impression), so i'll just teach her myself.

do i have a set day and time that we learn these things? do i have a set day & time for anything right now?? (ooh, besides bedtime) nope. i don't have any charts, nothing is laminated, and i don't own a bulletin board. but you bet i know how to print off some super-cool learning sheets, i know about, and i know how to read some awesome books. oh, and i own glue & scissors (she hates the kid-friendly kind so we went right to the real thing).

and i gotta say. it's working. she can write every letter almost in the alphabet. she can write words as i dictate the letters to her (things i do while making dinner). she can count to 20. she holds crayons correctly. she loves spotting letters while driving around town (some she can recognize as words, just because it's familiar). i think that's called 'reading'. she's known her shapes for a year now. she can dress & undress herself (we're working on taking jackets on & off).

am i bragging? yes. sorry, it really doesn't happen that often.

and guess who's learning right along with her? miss poopy shorts herself.

and these things i teach her while we're all surviving. i mean, living daily. yes, sometimes i'll purposefully set aside a block of time to do a work sheet with her, or review letters. . but for the most part, her learning takes place in constant conversations and me looking for opportunities in whatever we're doing at the moment.

and that is Life as we know it! coming up. . miss poopy shorts turns the big 3! i asked her what she wants on her cake (more than once, hoping for a different response), and she always says, "a frosted cow."


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