Thursday, September 29, 2011

we made it! (i mean, she. . )


you surprise me. you make me laugh.
you make me pull my hair out.
you bring your family so much joy.
you could eat your weight in gummy bears.
you will never be as precious as you are now.
you are beautiful.
you are tough as nails.
you make me run into the yard screaming.
you are incredibly teachable.
you are brave.
you eat peaches whole, fuzz and all.
you know your limits.
you tell awesome knock-knock jokes.
i love your songs.
i love you.



Sonja said...

I didn't know her name. Love it! She's so adorable. Happy birthday! One of our girls was born on the 28th. Is that the same day?

jenny said...

Hey sonja! Hers is today, the 29th. Neat! Love fall bdays!