Thursday, October 13, 2011

if you couldn't fail. .

at GWO recently..

oh yeah! i forgot. . i went to GWO! it was a short visit, as i had two sick kiddos with my parents (the Husband was outta town), but it was oh-so-perfect and very timely, and i am so thankful for my mom & dad who kept my 3 kiddos at sorta the last minute, very happily and eagerly.

at dinner, Mindy asked 'what 3 things would you do if you couldn't fail?'

i thought and thought.

here's what i came up with:

1. go on the Ellen DeGeneres show. (is that how you spell her name?. . see? fail.)

2. have more kids. (if i couldn't fail. like, financially. or, physically. or, mentally.)

3. add two more rooms and one more bath off the back of my house.

it's nice to know your limitations, isn't it?

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