Friday, October 21, 2011

it's a bit of a tradition. .

see that teeny baby on the Husband's back? that was the Eldest, about 4 years ago.
we went on a little family hike at a favorite spot near here.
we were actually sorta turned around here. or, lost.

this has always been one of my favorite pictures of her.
man, she looks like her little brother.
we had no idea at the time that this favorite spot would become
our family campground with little kiddos.

the Husband and i love to camp, and want our kids to enjoy it
and the simple pleasures of sleeping in a tent, roasting marshmallows,
falling asleep listening to night creatures. . so when the Eldest reached 3 years old, the Husband
thought it was time for a camping trip.

here she is at 3, actually eating her first marshmallow ever.
i haven't gone on any of these Daddy camping trips, since i have no desire
to camp with a baby or even a crawling baby.

it just seems like torture to me.
i think 3 years old is a good place to start. so, until the last babe is 3, i'll
stay behind.

here she is at 3 1/2, her first fall camping trip. looks like she took
a teeny friend with her.
it's funny, but almost as soon as they get to the tent site,
she begs to get ready for bed. she loves everything about sleeping
in a tent, in a sleeping bag.

here she is spring camping, at 4 years old. notice it's the same spot where she was on her Dad's back when she was a baby. . just with a waterfall this time.

i think they've gotten the same camping spot all four times.

this year's fall camping trip was different because. . .

little sister finally turned 3 and got to come along!

here they are, the same over-hang spot along the famous hike. . the Eldest getting a kiss from Daddy.

Pop (granddaddy) went on this trip as well. it was just special all the way around!

miss poopy shorts did awesome and loved it immensely. unfortunately, unbeknownst to us, her big sister was feeling poorly and we didn't know it.

oh well. she was a trooper.

and here they are, at the end of their little hike. . the same hike we took with her as a baby. . the same hike they'll take baby J on in a few years, too.


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