Sunday, October 16, 2011

number the days.

so we've been consistently sick since August 16th. except for 2 weeks early september during which i was the sickest i've ever been. i'm so thankful everyone else was well during that time.

let's just do a recap, shall we?

the Eldest has had 2 colds, 2 fevers, 1 tummy issue for a few days, & 1 pinkeye with a new runny nose. miss poopy shorts has had 1 cold, 1 bad tummy for 1 week, allergies for 2 weeks, & strep for 1 week, with a high fever. baby J has had 2 colds, 1 tummy issue, & 1 pinkeye with a new runny nose & some tummy issues (thanks, big sister).

this list doesn't include the Husband's allergies, colds, wheezings, aches, & coughs.

i've lost 16 pounds during all of this. i mean, i wanted to lose baby weight, eventually, just not. like. this.

the Husband and i have a two-night-3-day-get-away planned in 2 weekends at the little cabin we went to back in the summer on family vacation. we're reeeallllly looking forward to it. i mean, reeeallllyyy.

BUT. one evening, after missing out on my small group yet again due to sick kids. . putting them to bed alone again. . and feeling especially frustrated with miss poopy shorts' tantrums (mainly due to feeling poorly from strep. . can't say that i blame her), the Husband comes home from small group & shares what they all talked about. he broke out Psalm 90 where David asks God to teach him to number his days, so that he may gain a heart of wisdom.

and then we talked about how when we're in the trenches like this, when nothing can be set aside to give us any room to breathe, it's easy to wish away the days. often we find ourselves saying 'boy, can't wait to get away!' or 'wow, can't wait til she's 6 & not 3. . '.

when in fact, Jesus wants us to take hold of each day and count it all joy, whatever happens in that day. yes, this is a season. yes, it came to pass. but i've gotta realize every day has meaning & purpose, because He created it. and me. and my sick kids.

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