Tuesday, October 25, 2011

this is me.

i always have two suckers in my bag to give out to two little girls at that moment. a 911 mama moment.

i dressed the girls up as sweet ballerinas with baby brother in an adorable fuzzy giraffe costume, got them loaded in the van to head to the library fall festival-dealio/puppet show, when i realized i'd locked us all out of the house with my bag & keys sitting nicely on my kitchen stove. with kids securely strapped in the van, they watch with wide eyes as i drag out the ladder, place it beneath our one window that doesn't lock and doesn't have a screen, shimmy myself in, landing firmly on top of the coffee table, scattering picture frames and books everywhere, grab keys and bag and off we go.

i give my kids umbrellas to play with in the backyard because i hate them and never use them and they take up space. now, if you look out my window, you can see two umbrellas completely inside-out, laying haphazardly around the yard. but boy, what a fun time they had pretending it was raining.

i let miss poopy shorts play with water around the house. she fills up her baby bottles, she 'washes' the dishes at the kitchen sink, she gets ice out of the ice dispenser, she washes her little ponies and other random things in the bathroom sink. it's messy. it's wet. but it's just water. and it dries, all by itself and i don't even have to do anything to it.

if i have a phone call to make, i close myself in my bedroom closet. really.

my house is getting smaller. i need the counter space where my microwave sits. do we really need a microwave? that is the current question.

the 9-month old blue-eyed bandit can't handle me closing myself in to take a shower. it's not that he cries for not seeing me, he has to be inside with me. exploring. so, i now take showers in the guest bath, which he can't just crawl into since it's a tub with high sides. this morning he wanted so badly to be peeking in. i just closed the shower curtain around him. he got soaking wet, but again. it's just water. and boy, he thought it was amazing. and i got to shave.

i am lenient on a lot, a lot of things (cleanliness, clothes, rowdiness, & eating your veggies). if i weren't, i'd be fighting a lot, a lot of battles. but the moment you disobey, destroy, or disrespect. . watch out.

oh, and one more thing:

no doubt.

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