Saturday, November 26, 2011

a biography, #1

miss poopy shorts 101:

sometimes when i'm sweeping out the carport, i glance up to the back door & she's standing there with a big grin on her face and the thumbs-up sign. good job, mama!

when i tell her i love her a whole lot, she says 'and her, too? and daddy? and him?'. a heart for others.

some evenings we let her be the leader in 'follow the leader' and she LOVES it. we receive instructions to march, jump, run, be quiet, tiptoe. . i love letting this middle child be a leader. sometimes.

she is incredibly teachable. she wants to learn & she's sharp as a tac. while i'm coaching the Eldest on her writing or reading little words, she's glued to my right side saying 'wook, mama! i whote a C. wook, mama! i whote a K!' for the most part i absently affirm her saying 'yes, that's great. good job', sometimes without even glancing at her paper. but when i do, i'm surprised that she actually did write letters. wow!

her emotions are laid out for the world to see. she never holds back. what you see is what you get. even though this is hard as a parent when her emotions are very, shall we say, sinful. . i do love this about her.

while i was loading the dishwasher, she came wandering in as she often does, hunting a snack or her blanket. . i asked her 'what are you and your sister doing back there?' and her response was 'she's my bes fwiend.'

she is very gracious. she never forgets to thank her grandparents for a gift, or a meal, or time well spent together. it's adorable, really. while playing in the sandbox at my parents' house, my mom said 'Grandaddy is going to have to get you some new sand, huh?' and her response was 'i'll have to thank him for that.' i mean, it hasn't even happened yet and she's already thanking him! she does not get that from me.

recently while eating at one of my favorite places on earth--waffle house. don't hate me--i noticed her jacket was a little lumpy, but i figuered her shirt was bunched up underneath. after she finished her meal, she unzipped her jacket and pulled out a little stuffed cow, announcing she had a baby in her belly.

i love love love this little person God has given me.

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