Wednesday, November 16, 2011

i love my small house because. .

. . i can hear everything from any direction.
. . i can cook at the stove & glance in the girls' room where they are playing.
. . i can throw another load of laundry in the wash while supervising mealtimes.
. . vacuuming & dusting gets done in record time (not that it gets done much, that is).
. . i can unload the dishwasher & monitor craft time at the girls' art table, 10 feet away.
. . i stay super organized. everything has a place.
. . the toys are not out of control. if we don't have room for it, i consign it, store it, or donate it.
. .every space stays warm and toasty. or nice 'n breezy.
. . i can hear any awakened child in the middle of the night.

however. if i could have one extra space, it would be a mudroom. a place for dirty shoes, bags, lunch-bags, diaper bag, coats, random items waiting to be given back to folks, recycling stuff. man. i could go nuts with hanging peg boards and shelves for shoes. i'm getting antsy just thinking about it.

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Cedrick Finly said...

Living in a small house can be very comfortable, as you can see everything in the house with just a passing glance. :) I agree with everything that you included here, and I can relate to everything you said.