Friday, November 18, 2011

it's that time again.

it's baby-food makin' time! i love love making his food. and the bonus is the little girls eat some of it, too. i do buy the baby-food-in-a-jar stuff, just to have on hand when we're traveling or out to eat or whatever. . but i love knowing exactly what he's eating, sprucing it up with different ingredients like cinnamon & nutmeg & such, and i definitely love him loving to eat.

and it seriously only takes about one hour one morning, usual Mondays after i purchase our fruits & veggies for the week at the Kroger. i'm attempting to kick walmart produce to the curb with our winter garden, but the spinach, peas, brocolli, & squash are not quite ready to pick yet.

and it's pretty, too!

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