Tuesday, November 01, 2011

a little getaway.

so the husband and i went away for the weekend back to the little cabin
we rented for our summer family vacation. these pictures, the rest &
relaxation that occurred there, were all brought to you by Mimi, Dad-dad,
Pop, and Bibi. . our parents who kept the kiddos for two whole nights and
three long days.

i'm the luckiest daughter in all the land.

this is what greeted us when we pulled up to the cabin.
the first morning dawned bright and clear.
pure fall beauty.
these were everywhere.
down by the crik.
look at that sky! man oh man.
this was a little swimming/fishing hole we stopped by.
the water was super clear, we could see straight to the bottom.
more creek colors.
love love leaves on the water.
oh look! there's us! and a little waterfall we found in the woods.
and the last evening we (cough. he.) built a roaring fire down
by the creek and we just sat and soaked it in.

i tried to be as still as possible the entire trip. no sudden movements.
thank you, parents and in-laws. yer the best.

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