Tuesday, November 29, 2011

things i did today.

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woke up at three fifteen am to the eldest puking in bed. cleaned her up, cleaned up her bed as best i could. back to bed.

woke up at four twenty am. more puking. shooed the husband to the couch. moved her in bed with me.

woke up at seven am for coffee. thought about how the day could go and how on earth im going to do it. miss poopy shorts enters at seven thirty. cuddling. im relieved to see her snotty nose is better. one day of antibiotics works wonders. i bribe her with gummy bears to take her cough medicine. she watches dora while i get baby js breakfast ready.

baby wakes, i feed him while rocking and sweet cuddling. he watches dora too while i take a shower. the eldest is still asleep.

i strip the pukey bed, quilts, pillows and blankets and pile it all by the washing machine. i dont have time to get it started yet as laundry is in the wash and dryer from yesterday.

i make miss poopy shorts breakfast, knowing she wont eat it. i slip on her nebulizer mask for breathing treatment number one of the day. i sigh a huge sigh of relief that she didnt fuss. she is busy coloring a rainbow.

i go to scrub puke on the carpet and hear the eldest stirring. she seems okay and rested. she said my bed helped her not get sick.

she doesnt want to eat either. i tell her she may not touch her baby brother today.

the husband comes home from a workout at the y. i immediately give him a sick update and leave for a dr appt where i learn my tummy issues may be a gall bladder issue and they schedule an ultrasound.

back home, its almost lunchtime. i shake out the pukey linens outside in the rain and start laundry. the husband goes back to work. i get lunch together for baby j and wake him from his morning snooze.

the girls are playing well and hunting a snack.they dont want to eat real food so i give them rice cakes and applesauce. i suspect miss poopy shorts is getting sick too.

baby j eats. i start making his food for the week. the eldest feels bad and lays on the couch. miss poopy shorts is lost without her, so i let her wash the dishes. i get her all situated with bubbly dish water, and she suddenly gets very still and quiet. i suspect shes feeling nauseous so i carry her into the living room with her sister. i let them watch ozo the panda.

i try to keep baby j in his highchair a little longer so i can finish peeling squash, apples, carrots and pears, but he is done. but he plays happily for a while and i get everything cooking.and switch out laundry.

by the time inspector ozo has solved the mystery, baby js food is cooked, pureed or mashed, labeled and in the fridge. i gather the girls for some book reading on the couch. two stories in i realize theyre both feverish and falling asleep. i suggest an afternoon nap and they love the idea. really. and they fall right to sleep. i fold some laundry, sorta waiting for someone to puke or wake up, and when that doesnt happen i rock babyj to sleep, turn my phone off and head to bed myself. i realize i havent eaten all day, so i grab some trail mix on the way.

an hour later, i start cleaning up the huge mess in the kitchen, switch more laundry over, and think about dinner. baby j wakes, so more feeding and cuddling. i hear the girls stirring. they feel alot less warm and alot more rested. to get them energized they drink sprite while i unload the dishwasher.

the eldest feels bad, lays on the couch, miss poopy shorrts entertains babyj. i load the dishwasher.

i change babyjs diaper at the same time the eldest runs to the potty and pukes up her sprite. she feels better, so the girls color while i start making brocolli cheese soup and spinach apple salad.

babyj gets hungry so i feed him his fresh sweet potatoes and quinoa. i get the girls interested in chicken noodle soup and they eat at their little table.well, not really, but it was a good attempt.

the husband comes home..and the crowd roars.

the end.


Emily Mathers said...

What does is say about me that I am suddenly feeling nauseous?

jenny said...

i would say you need to watch ozo the panda.